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From One Screen to Every Screen, A Fit For Format Approach to the Classic TV Special

Netflix revolutionized the TV Special classic with a fit-for-format model designed for the social distancing era for the final season premiere of La Casa de las Flores.


(Re)Think Production with VFX

From virtual production and CGI to post-producing pre-existing content, there are many ways that brands can continue creating films to reach their customers.


Tearing Down Walls and Bringing People Together in Digital Times

How digital experiences like the livestreamed Spotify Awards, the Uncensored Library in Minecraft and more can bring people together across borders in a time of social distancing.


3 Ways to Validate Your Values-Based Marketing

Brand values have become increasingly important for consumers across the board, requiring brands translate purpose intro impact.


MediaMonks Buenos Aires Powers Up with Diversity

Diversity has become key for brands that want to offer a differentiated experience to their customers and future-proof their business.

In the news

How to Create a Video Game from Scratch in Just 48 hours

MediaMonks' Buenos Aires office hosted the Global Game Jam, where a team of Monks created six video games in just 48 hours.


Sky News | S4 Ringmaster Sorrell Adds Circus to Stable of Takeovers

Sky News covers our merger with one of the most highly respected agencies in Latin America, Circus Marketing, who enables us to offer the best quality of talent possible for the region.


Destination Digital: LatAm Brands Must Transform to Stay Relevant

Digital transformation and a focus on creative user experience are key to competing in the Latin American market.


How Brands are Truly Taking Off with Creative Differentiation

Transforming the customer experience is key for brands that want to achieve creative differentiation through design, data and technology.


How Aeroméxico Brought a Gold Cannes Lion Home to Mexico

Through premier, personalized digital experience and local talent, MediaMonks helped Aeroméxico take home Mexico's only Gold Cannes Lion of 2019.


Tackling Digital Transformation in Latin America

With a boom in device adoption and rising competition, many in the LatAm market feel the pressure to step up their game.


The Benefits of a Culturally Significant Campaign

Cultural significance builds impact and instills meaning in a brand beyond its products.


See the Work: Aeroméxico App

To modernize and streamline AeroMexico's customer experience, we revamped their mobile app. It landed quite well, becoming one of Mexico’s most downloaded apps.


Prepare Your Data Strategy

#FIAP2018 has come and gone, but here are four ideas on how data is shaking things up and changing the game for the shift to personalization.


See the Work: Corona Este Espíritu

As the birthplace of Corona, we created a music video to complement the release of Este Espíritu, with eye-catching shots and a one-minute cutdown for TV.


The Recipe for Higher-Quality Engagement in an Era of Digital Diets

With consumers and developers supporting the “digital diet” trend, brands must cultivate a higher quality of attention from the user.


Digital Transformation Doesn’t Have to Be an Identity Crisis

Legacy brands often wonder: how can they provide innovative experiences while retaining their identity?


Club Premier Announce New Mobile App

Mexico’s most popular loyalty program, Club Premier is leveraging technology to help users emotionally connect with brands.


4 Details to Add to Your RFP Before Hitting “Send”

An RFP shouldn’t read like a mail-in order. Instead, the most successful ones strive to foster strategic communication between clients and prospects.


Need Help? Just Ask: 5 Times In-House Agencies Turn to Partners

From lowering costs to boosting engagement, global reach and turnaround time, there are plenty of reasons in-house agencies are looking outside for assistance.


Read Before Launching That Cool Creative Campaign

While many brands treat their dot-coms as information dumps, they should be your digital heart. We've compiled a few suggestions to make them more effective.

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